How to Select Art for Your Home

Have you ever walked through a model home and wondered, how do they select the artwork? In the homes we style, there is purpose and intention behind each art piece selected. When selecting art, there are a couple of questions our designers ask themselves:

• Who lives in this home? What are their interests? What is their lifestyle?

• What is the architectural style of the home?

• What is the color palette and furniture style of the home?

The art is then selected with an intentio...

Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it real fun!

Our core values are the foundation of our culture, they are what we stand for. Together as a group, we’ve established 7 core values that best define who we are and how we will continue to strive to treat each other and our clients. Today, we work hard to uphold them in our daily interactions and operations. They are the heart of the decisions we make as well as the compass guiding us in bringing the right people on-board for these values to continue to flourish. Read More

Items from Amazon We Love to Style With

Amazon, the online marketplace with an incredibly wide selection of so much, is our go-to place for interesting finds to style the bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens of our model home projects! Below are items we frequently purchase:Read More

A remarkable career of 16 years

This past February, Meg Pennington, Account Manager of the Pacific Northwest Region, celebrated 16 years with PDI. Her career is one that is remarkable and gives insight into the mobility opportunities within the company. Read More

Designing the dream spa-master bath paradise

Inspired by the beautiful spa-master baths from our White Horse project by Camelot Homes in Scottsdale, AZ, we asked the members of the PDI Team: How would you design your dream spa-master bathroom paradise? Read More
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