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Create a Space That Grows With Them

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PDI loves designing children’s rooms! Children’s bedrooms should spark their imagination to help them thrive and express themselves. It’s also important for a child’s bedroom to be functional. Starting with the nursery, make sure the room includes (or has space for) everything your child needs now and in the future.

Play with color

When it comes to a child’s bedroom, paint is your ally! Color is a great way to bring character and add punch to a room. Concerned about tight budgets or too little time? Painting just one wall of the room in an accent color or pattern makes it easy to quickly refresh a palette or create new design as your child grows and interests change. Fun decals are readily available and can add loads of personality too!

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Soccer room

Creative space for work and play

Setting up a place for your child to learn, create art and play is always fun! Installing a craft table and covering a wall with chalkboard paint will spark creative ideas and serve as a multi-purpose area for art, spelling, math and more. Another great tip – setting up a loft bed with a desk underneath saves space – and so does using a practical desk as both a nightstand and work space.

Make it fun

Make sure to incorporate playful, age-appropriate design elements into your child’s space. Younger children will love being immersed in a bright and cheerful room based on a specific theme from their favorite book, movie or activity. Older children may be happier with more neutral backgrounds that allow their own imagination to paint the picture.



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