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Light Fixtures That Dazzle!

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Lighting has a major effect on the mood and design of your home. It can make your living space feel bright and cheery or dark and romantic. Lighting can make you feel relaxed and comfortable or help you get inspired to complete a task. The use of easily installed dimmer switches gives you the flexibility to personalize your lighting choices to suit the occasion and task.

Chandeliers are decorative, ceiling-mounted fixtures usually designed with branches for several lights or bulbs. From classically traditional to sleek and modern, chandeliers add sparkle and tons of style to your dining room, bedroom and great room. They also give you the general lighting you need for dining and entertaining.


Pendant lights provide both task and general lighting. Often equipped with shades or globes to reduce glare, pendant lights are typically suspended from the ceiling over dining room or nook tables, game tables, kitchen islands, countertops or other work areas but can also be used in any area that calls for more brightness.



Recessed ceiling fixtures, or can lights, consist of electrical enclosures installed within the ceiling, with a lamp and small bit of trim to cover the hardware. If you want your lighting to be unobtrusive rather than decorative, with an emphasis on function and affordability, this is the way to go.


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