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Tips to Perfectly Style Your Kitchen Island

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Styling a kitchen island can often be challenging, but when done correctly, it can make your kitchen look dialed-in and polished. Because of the expansive size of the island, it can often be intimidating trying to figure out what accessories look best out for display, and when to draw the line. To help you sort out exactly what your kitchen island is in need of, here are five of our favorite island looks that the designers of PDI have carefully crafted!



A large decorative bowl filled with greenery is a beautiful way to add life and color to your kitchen island. Make sure that the scale of the bowl is appropriate in both size and scale in relation to the size of the island. It should take up a nice amount of space, without being too large and overwhelming. The color of the greenery brings a refreshing pop of green against the neutral color palate. Crisp white place settings make the island feel complete and is inviting to guests, creating a sense of home and comfort.


Beach Collection by Standard Pacific Homes

When styling a kitchen island that is more conservative in size, it is important to remember that less is more. Sticking to two place settings rather than three gives more space on the counter and makes the island feel larger. If you have dark counter tops, choose place mats and other accessories such as decorative jars and bowls in lighter colors to maximize contrast and wow-factor.


Canterbury Models by Pacific Dimensions, Inc., San Mateo, CA, 5/

Height and color are always great design elements to incorporate onto a kitchen island. To achieve this, use a decorative book holder and a visually appealing cookbook that features colors that compliment your kitchen. A cloche eloquently displays household items such as decorative bowls, and a colored tray anchors the island, working together to create a stylish focal point that creates interest.


The Estates Models by Standard Pacific Homes, San Diego, CA, 1/1

Grouped accessories such as these three jars and potted plant look beautiful and take up a substantial amount of space on the island. The cutting board and rolling pin bring natural texture and warmth to the kitchen.



Finally, kitchen islands can have a simple, no-fuss look. This can work especially well when showcasing a material that is just too beautiful to cover up! To achieve this look, skip the accessories and feature clean lined, and modern place settings only. Rectangle plates are chic, and glass stemware brings a touch of elegance without over doing it.



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