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7 Unique Pieces of Nature Inspired Art

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Nature-inspired artwork is a beautiful and emotive addition to a new home’s interior. The theme is also right in line with an overarching trend toward incorporating an element of nature into modern home interiors. Featuring two-dimensional textures and a natural color palette, these pieces offer a soft, organic contrast to modern décor.

Finding gorgeous, nature-inspired art for your home needn’t be a budget-breaking endeavor. Nor does forgoing custom art in favor of ready-to-buy art mean compromising quality or a custom feel. In fashion, the term “prêt-à-porter” essentially means designer clothing sold through high-end boutiques and department stores. Think of ready-to-buy art in the same way – undeniably special yet a little more within reach than haute couture.

When wardrobe shopping, it helps to have a stylist curate the best pieces, and so it is with ready-to-buy art. To help guide you through the wilderness of nature-inspired art, we’ve gathered seven of our favorites below:

Ethereal Plumes

Airy and minimalist, the Feather Trio photographic print is designer Roseli’s pick for the sophisticated manner in which it showcases the unique colors and textural beauty of its subject. This ready-to-buy artwork easily could have come from a modern art exhibit at the Audubon.



Abstract Fronds

Through watercolor and use of white space, these Palm Pattern Shadow Boxes evoke the sense of peering up between the leaves of palm trees. Sold in pairs, this graphic, nature-inspired work would be lovely above a console table.



Zen Circles

Like ripples of water, the widening circle pattern depicted by the Shades of Grey framed painting print set is somewhat mesmerizing. Inspired by banded agate stones, this duo’s combination of color and texture is a lovely fit for a home office.



Natural Impression

Not unlike many works by Monet, ‘Payton’ by Michelle Armas conveys the natural world through an impressionist lens. This abstract piece, however, does not reveal its subject, which is part of its charm. We love the use of greens and dove grays, and would place it in a master bedroom.



Rings of Gold

A set of four prints depicting the gilded rings of cross-sectioned trees, ‘Cuore Legno’ by Oliver Gal is a unique and stunning way to layer a hint of the forest into a contemporary space. We’d showcase this gem above a sofa in an open plan great room.



Subtle Storm

Distilling the beauty of a stormy morning into an original abstract painting, ‘Cool Day’ by Gild has a gorgeous, moody palette of grays and blues. This piece’s use of color and indistinct shape has a soothing quality, making it a great fit for the master bedroom.



Of the Sea

A rendering of a common sea plant, ‘Algae One’ by Kate Roebuck is far from banal. Similar to Matisse’s cut-out works, this composition uses simple, curved shapes and color to make a visual statement. We love how this piece conveys a sense of the ocean through watercolor. Hung in a landing or hallway, it would add a sense of brightness.



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