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How To Select Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

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Each home and its outdoor space are different, as is the family who lives there. Tailoring the space to deliver the most enjoyment possible has as much to do with layout and your needs as it does furniture and accessory choices.

Create a functional outdoor area your family will love! Solve the question of what to purchase and how to arrange outdoor furniture with tips and insights from our designers below.

Big Picture

Before selecting outdoor furnishings, our Senior Designer and Brand Manager, Roseli Kim, starts by taking a look at the home’s whole interior and exterior landscape. She suggests using that information to inform where to arrange outdoor dining and sitting lounge areas. For example, if you have an outdoor area right off the nook where your interior dining table is, placing seating there instead of an outdoor dining table would encourage the use of that space. You’d have a natural spot to serve appetizers or after-dinner treats!


OUtdoor lounge area in a covered patio
Villas at Auberge in San Diego by CalAtlantic Homes


Define Purpose

Maybe you plan on dinner under the stars for every lovely summer night, or perhaps you envision weekly themed cocktail parties or family BBQs. Whatever your outdoor space’s purpose, select furniture that addresses your needs and arrange it accordingly. Otherwise, you may not utilize your space as much as you’d like! If your family does more laps than laying out, multiple sunbathing chairs might not be a fit. Instead, mix in pieces that allow for shaded relaxation, such as a gorgeous, covered wicker daybed. Then add a couple of lounges with a cantilevered umbrella for those days (and guests) that might welcome a bit of sun.

Choose a Visual Anchor

Our designer Jill Mitchell’s advice is to lay out a space plan of your outdoor area as you would your home’s interior. Since there are fewer walls to define the space, use a focal point such as a pleasing view or outdoor fireplace to create cohesion. One of Jill’s favorite ways to create an inviting outdoor grouping is to use a mix of sofas and chairs to create a lounge-inspired conversation area, and to place dining furniture near outdoor kitchens or BBQs.


Firepit dining table
Firepit dining at Villas at Auberge by CalAtlantic Homes San Diego


Preserve Flow

Think about how folks will move within your outdoor space and select furniture that eases passage within your seating, dining, and sunbathing vignettes. For instance, if your California room is on the narrow side, select outdoor furniture scaled for the space, such as a loveseat, accent tables, and rounded arm chairs. When positioning them, Jill recommends making sure views and pathways remain unobstructed – that beautiful desert vista deserves to be savored both while on the patio and through the sliding doors leading to the space!

Make it Dynamic

Instead of treating the spacious patio off your great room as one large space, make it multifunctional. Group chairs and accent tables beside the outdoor fireplace and select a handsome, long table for the dining area beside the grill. Combine sofas, chairs, side and coffee tables to create a lounge where family and friends can chat, sip drinks and relax. Incorporate outdoor area rugs, cantilevered umbrellas, potted plants and other accessories to define the separate areas while still maintaining a sense of harmony.

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