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Implement These Tips For a Perfectly Organized Closet

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A perfectly organized closet may seem like a luxury, but it truly is an essential. A well-ordered clothing closet saves time when you get ready in the morning and helps get kids out the door. Additionally, when there’s a dedicated place for everything, putting things away becomes much more efficient. Instead of running around feeling hectic, you’ll be able to savor a little extra quiet time…or at least your coffee.

If you’re working with a builder to create your new home, taking the first step toward a perfectly organized closet can be as simple as a phone call. Many builders offer closet upgrades, such as the always wonderful California Closets. Plus, the process of moving has a way of motivating us to cull our wardrobes in preparation for a new space.

For those who have existing closets in dire need of order, take heart – organization systems are still a possibility! We’re big fans of the many wardrobe wrangling solutions offered by IKEA and Elfa, which can be customized based on your needs.

Whether yours is a new or existing abode, creating order can be daunting, even with a closet organization system in place. Make things easier with the below designer-approved tips:

But First…

Take everything (yes, everything!) out of your clothing closet. Go through each item and determine if it’s too big or too small. Unless it has sentimental value, give it away if it doesn’t fit. The same goes for pieces that haven’t been worn for ages or have crossed the line and become tatty. Once you’ve pared your collection down to the garments and shoes you’ll wear, it’s time to get started.


Think about how you’ll want to use your closet’s space and what sorts of custom organization elements you’ll need. Do you need full-length hanging space for maxi dresses, or is it all about jeans, suits and other items that can do with less? If your shoe collection is large, take a census and make sure there are enough shelves. Perhaps you have an abundance of sweaters, jewelry, belts and other items, in which case you should evaluate how many shallow versus deep drawers you’ll require. If you’ve got hats galore, add hat pegs so that every piece of millinery is in view.


Approach your clothing closet as you would any other room in your house – make it a beautiful space! Incorporate a special light fixture such as a chandelier or pendant light. Paint the walls in Serenity Blue (or any color that lifts your spirits), and add a mirror and an area rug. Choose boxes, baskets, and other organization tools that are cohesive and have style. By treating this space as small room instead of a closet, it will feel special, which in turn will help ensure you keep it in good shape.


Though it sounds simple, putting your shoes where you can see them is a game-changer. This will help you avoid purchasing an identical pair of something you already own. And, it makes it easier to put together an outfit when you can see everything you’re working with. It also creates an overall impression of order…all good things! We like to display shoes using cubbies and hanging organizers since they take up less real estate. If you’re blessed with a large closet and plenty of floor space for shoes, use a slanted platform so that they’re in plain view.


Use coordinated hangers – they make everything look and feel organized. That sense is what will keep you inspired to keep things neat! As you hang your clothes, group items by category (dresses, tops, jeans, etc.). Set apart out-of-season pieces and store them on the higher shelves in clearly labeled boxes.

Sweaters and other folded garments have a way of spreading out when stacked on a shelf. Use shelf dividers to keep every piece in its designated space, and label the shelf so you never forget what goes where. We adore the luxe look of gold-plated signs! If you run out of shelf space, hanging canvas shelves are an attractive and practical option.

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