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4 Baskets to Corral Clutter With Style

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Pssst. Want to know our designers’ secret weapon for hiding hodgepodge and organizing a new home?

Storage baskets.

That’s right – the humble basket is our go-to home organization tool. They’ve been used for centuries to hold and carry things, and to this day we have yet to come up with a better clutter cutter. What makes these containers so great is their variety of sizes, style, and materials. Woven natural fibers, metal, fabric, acrylic…no matter what your needs are, there’s a storage basket out there with your name on it!

Corral your miscellany and complement your interior décor with our designer Miori Nakamura’s storage basket picks below:

Woven Wonders

White goes with everything, and so does the handsome cable-knit look of CB2’s rope storage baskets. Because they are great for stashing all sorts of stuff, Miori would get a couple for the great room, loft, home office and master bedroom. They’re great for hiding the Hot Wheels and dolls that don’t make it back to the kids’ rooms. Plus, they’re made of chunky cotton, so if one happens to tumble over, it won’t hurt anyone. These baskets also come in handy for dog toys – just scoop balls, bones, plushies and chews off the floor and toss them in! They’re also excellent for keeping magazines, throw pillows and blankets out of the way.

white, chunky woven storage basket


In Plain Sight

Miori knows that typically we would not think “clear” when trying to hide things, but that’s precisely what drew her to these acrylic organizers. It’s easy to see exactly what’s in them! She loves utilizing them for all her makeup – no more digging through a makeup bag for that particular eye shadow or lipstick!

Clear Acrylic Storage Container


Not So Heavy Metal

Galvanized bins look much better than the average Sterilite tub, and they conceal and store just as well. That makes them winners in Miori’s book! If, for example, your husband is in a band and has a copious amount of cables, snakes and adapters to go with all his instruments, these containers are perfect. They’re also great for storing wood by the fireplace and can double as ice buckets for your next BBQ.

Galvanized metal storage bin with label


Catch-all Crochet

Everyone has a miscellaneous drawer in the bathroom, a space that quickly becomes a black hole for samples and items that don’t seem to have a place. Miori’s solution to that problem is a cute knit bin. She uses something similar to the below in her home to gather all her Sephora samples and point perks. Instead of being tossed in a drawer and forgotten about, they’re right at her fingertips where she’ll use them.

Gray & white crocheted storage basket.


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