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Iron + Wood Console Tables

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The natural, harmonious atmosphere of the below great room at The Villas at DC Ranch is a breath of fresh air. While that atmosphere is due in part to the enormous sliding glass doors blurring the line between inside and out, this room’s décor plays a significant role. Created by our Senior Designer and Brand Manager Roseli, this interior’s modern revival style is executed using a tranquil yet buoyant palette of Lemon, Bright White and Smoke.

Roseli seamlessly blends a sense of the organic and the refined in this space through the use of wood, stone, and metal. This great room’s stunning limestone mantle and intimate seating vignette complement the adjacent kitchen and dining areas while still maintaining a separation of space.

iron & wood console table in the great room at the Villas at DC Ranch
The Great Room seen at The Villas at DC Ranch by Camelot Homes


berninni iron & wood console table
Berninni Iron & Wood Console Table


Helping to define these three spaces is a truly arresting console table. Placed alongside the back of the sofa, it presents a different face depending on your perspective. From where we stand in the kitchen, an industrial steel side panel seems to support the fir wood as it forms a smooth surface and cascades to the room’s lovely tongue and groove floor. Though it is quite striking, the Berninni Console Table Roseli chose for this residence isn’t a fit for every décor budget. But, fear not! Other great iron and wood console tables would work just as well in your living room!


Iron & wood console tables

1. Tiburon console table | 2. Defreitas console table | 3. Teton console table | 4. Roux console table | 5. Eolus console table | 6. metal wood console table


As evidenced by Roseli’s table, unusual material combinations can make for great décor. Made of molded concrete and a solid wood base, the Eolus Console takes that concept and runs with it. As sturdy as it is appealing, this versatile piece works both indoors and out.

Similar to the piece at DC Ranch, the Roux Console Table’s raw, railwood surface and distressed steel legs are an eloquent mix of rustic and industrial. Its long, lean footprint is ideal for maintaining flow – an asset in more intimate spaces. The Metal Wood Console Table also neatly balances character with a smaller size. Tapered iron legs and a narrower top are what give this furnishing its lighter presence. Constructed of pine, reclaimed oak and a substantial metal base, the Teton Console Table has more depth and heft. This showpiece can anchor a sofa or stand on its own beneath a mirror or abstract, nature-inspired artwork.

If a visual statement is what you had in mind, we’d suggest the Tiburon Console Table. Combining mango wood and metal, this piece could have been crafted in a local artisan’s workshop. We love that it also has two large, hidden drawers – wonderful for placing papers, magazines and other clutter. The Defreitas Console Table is another wood and iron piece with storage and charisma. Its two shelves are unquestionably unique. We’d use them to bring in a touch of color by displaying treasures picked up on our travels as well as books.

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