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14 Awesome Wall Mirrors That Shout Style

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Incorporating wall mirrors into your home’s décor is a quick and easy way to liven up a room. Depending on the type you choose, a wall mirror can make your space feel brighter, larger, luxe or more attractive. Also, peeking at your reflection in a pretty looking glass is a lot more fun, so why go plain when you can add some pizazz…especially when our designer Miori is here to help! She has hand-picked fourteen awesome wall mirrors for you that are perfect for spicing up modern interiors.

14 awesome wall mirrors

1. Woven Aztec Mirror | 2. Geo Bone Round Wall Mirror | 3. Metal Round Rope Hanging Mirror | 4. Set of Antique Round Mirrors | 5. Lazy Susan Gold Mirror | 6. Decorative Square Wall Mirrors | 7. Mirrored Valet | 8. Pleasure Mirror | 9. Jean Claude Wall Mirror | 10. Five Hexagonal Mirrors | 11. Zuo Honeycomb Mirror | 12. Metal Sunglasses Wall Mirror | 13. Classic Sunburst | 14. Old World Mirror


Perfect Circle

Round mirrors are ideal for balancing a space in which there are lots of angular geometric shapes. A large circular piece, such as the Woven Aztec Mirror, adds texture and acts as an impactful focal point. Likewise, the aqua and ivory pattern of the Geo Bone Round Wall Mirror reads dramatic. Both pieces would be fantastic above a console in a foyer or great room. Rustic, industrial, or cottage-chic, the metal round rope hanging mirror reflects each of those aesthetics. It’s stylish whether hung over a single-sink pedestal vanity or mixed into a gallery art wall; this piece has great versatility. Alternatively, scatter light and create visual interest on a landing or above a chaise in the den with a set of antique round mirrors.

Hip to be Square

Adaptable to almost any room, square wall mirrors are great alone or mixed into a gallery wall. Combining a circular mirror within a large, square, gold-riveted, aged metal frame, the Lazy Susan Gold Mirror has enough panache to anchor a wall on its own. We’d place it opposite a large window where it could catch plenty of sunshine. Beveled edges lend the set of Decorative Square Wall Mirrors an elegant, modern air. Measuring 32” x 32” all together, they’d be especially impactful in a dining room. After the bathroom, the bedroom is an essential spot for a mirror, which is why we love the mirrored valet Miori selected. Sleek and contemporary in appearance, this piece works beautifully above dressers and keeps jewelry, makeup, and perfume out of sight!

Polished Rectangles

Hung horizontally, a rectangular mirror instantly elongates a wall, which translates into a sense of spaciousness. Enter the Pleasure Mirror. With its wide frame of curved, silvered glass, this beautiful piece has the surface area to light up a room. This wall mirror would also be sensational above double sinks, as would the Jean Claude Wall Mirror. Surrounded by stunning indigo lacquer, it makes a stylish statement! Paired with smaller artworks, this mirror’s traditionally-inspired frame would also be a lovely addition to the living room.

Chic Geometry

A honeycomb shape is pleasing to the eye and on trend. Edged in gold leaf, this set of five hexagonal mirrors can be arranged in a straight line, an asymmetrical pattern, grouped together…almost any way that you please. Taking this shape even further, the Zuo Honeycomb Mirror buzzes with ultra-modern style. We’d position it in a den or home office where it could add dynamic energy to the room.

Shiny Statement

There’s no question a standout mirror instantly infuses a room with personality, which is why Miori fell for the Metal Sunglasses Wall Mirror. She adores its fun vibe and would play with stacking three on a wall for extra impact. Another mirror possessing a piece of Miori’s heart is the classic sunburst – you can’t go wrong with its striking, timeless shape! Trimmed in gold and finished with faux shagreen, the Old World Mirror could easily be mistaken for an heirloom from an artsy relative with excellent taste. Gleaming with character, this mirror would be fantastic above a console table in an entryway.

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