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Greenery: 19 Energizing Home Décor Ideas

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Recalling the first bright, vital foliage to appear after the cold winter, Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017, instantly uplifts and refreshes, which is exactly what it is intended to do! Per Pantone, “illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.”

This lovely green provides a stunning color counterpoint in contemporary interiors, and, true to its refreshing nature, incorporating it is a breeze. Not unlike grass does in a garden, this zesty shade harmonizes and enhances every color scheme and arrangement. To quickly refresh your home, browse our Greenery home décor ideas selected by designer Roseli.

As you can see in the above guest bedroom at The Estates at Del Sur, the dash of Greenery within the duvet cover and pillows helps bring the room alive. Capture the same ambiance in your private retreat with crisp green and white throw pillows embroidered with a bold, geometric pattern. Positioned in a corner beside a window, World Market’s Textured Woven Reza Upholstered Chair reminds you to relax with a book or enjoy the view. Echo that sentiment by swapping out your existing nightstand lighting with a lovely, translucent green glass table lamp and appealing drum shade. Reinforce this fresh atmosphere with a Persian Lime scented candle and a lush bunch of white blooms in the Century Green Vase atop your dresser. The combination of sight and smell will instantly revive and refresh.

Greenery Interior Design

Greenery helped us achieve a similar effect within the living room at Canterbury at Bay Meadows. As you can see, the sunshine streaming in through the windows really lights up those Greenery-enhanced graphic print curtains! Play with that notion in your living room with accessories that complement natural light, such as a vintage Blenko glass vase whose bright and sheer color will enliven any bookcase. Reflect that pop of color and cheery energy by displaying Outstanding American Gardens, a coffee table book that subtly brings the outdoors into your great room.

Poured into a green glass jar, the delicately-scented Anjou pear candle soothes via sight and smell. Crafted with a wicker-inspired pattern, the chic green ceramic garden stool offers another clever nod to the garden. Its lacquer finish will also subtly catch the light. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the open construction of the mod geometric accent wire stool lets all that sunshine flow right through, but with just as much visual impact.

In the dining room, Greenery is a complete natural. The simple lines of the Baxton Side Chair in green would look crisp and welcoming at any table, plus its open construction contributes to an overall airy feel. Carry that impression onto the table with green buffet napkins and serve up a vibrant meal prepared in the Le Creuset Palm Tagine or Palm Round French Oven. Art accent walls are exemplary for setting a space’s tone, and Life is Green, a nature-inspired photographic print by Philippe Sainte-Laudy, has such an appealing, clear vibrancy!

Kids’ rooms are a space in which Greenery’s whimsical side can flourish, starting with an adorable white and green striped area rug. Encourage spur-of-the-moment creativity with The Land of Nod’s charming green chalkboard decals, and inspiration in the form of wall art – we find the bold color and extra cute subjects within Rankin Willard’s Panda print and Jorey Hurley’s Dog In Grass print almost irresistible.

Greenery Home Decor, 19 ideas

1. Green and white throw pillow | 2. Reza Chair | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Scented Candle | 5. Century Green Vase | 6. Blenko Glass Vase | 7. Outstanding American Gardens | 8. Anjou Pear Candle | 9. Ceramic Garden Stool | 10. Wire Stool | 11. Baxton Side Chair | 12. Buffet Napkins | 13. Tangine | 14. French Oven | 15. Photographic Print | 16. Area Rug | 17. Chalkboard Decals | 18. Panda Print | 19. Dog in Grass Print

Greenery Home Decor Ideas

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