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2017: Cheers to another great year!

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As 2018 is quickly approaching, we’re happy to announce all of our newest team members, promotions, and recognitions as well as recap from 2017!

New PDI Members:

Mariann Claggett, Director of Residential
Daniel Canet, Purchasing Agent
Christina Hoffman, Business Development Coordinator
Elvira Herrera, CAD Designer
Melissa Gamez, Studio Librarian
Christine (Chris) Le, Social Media Strategist


Liv Sibley, promoted to Regional Account Manager – Arizona
Annika Rathbone, promoted to Design Assistant
Edith Garcia, added Digital Content Manager to her Senior Designer title
Meghan Pennington, moved to Regional Account Manager – Pacific Northwest

Employee of the Quarter Recognitions:

Rico Paul, Cindy Canek, Edith Garcia were celebrated this year for their excellence, dedication, positive spirit, and teamwork during our quarterly employee recognition events.

Core Values Recognitions:

We have 7 core values that we strive to exemplify and emanate in everything we do. It is quite a challenge to wholesomely embody most of them but Jill Mitchell and Nicole Carrasco proved that it was no difficult task. They were honored with the Core Values recognition during our Celebrating Success event. Their bright personality and positivity, even through the toughest and stressful times, express so much of how valuable they are to the PDI team.

On a side note: Coming soon in 2018, we will be having a mini blog series with our President, Elizabeth Truesdell on our core values and what these guiding principles collectively and individually mean to PDI and its team.

The PDI Heart of Honor:

This special honor recognizes someone that rose above adversity. Despite the challenges Lissa Severe faced, she dominated in sales by focusing on what’s most important, relationships! It is a proud honor to award her the PDI Heart.

“Lissa leads with her heart and this is evident in her passion for building genuine and lasting relationships. I believe that her continued commitment to serving our clients and industry will be the catalyst to her continued success in 2018.”
-Helen Rettberg


Congratulations Meg Pennington on celebrating 15 years at PDI! Your spirit and smile brings joy to all!

Congrats Susan Gruhn on your first 5 years at PDI! Here’s to many more!


Introducing our newest additions:

Please welcome Violet (Evelyn Calderon, Senior Designer), Cooper (Miori Nakamura, Designer), Emma (Samantha Saltzman, Director of Project Management), and Jordan (Meg Pennington, Regional Account Manager).

Lastly, a message to conclude 2017 from our President:

“You don’t need a new year or a new day to start over. You only need a new mindset.”
This year we endured challenges that stretched us beyond what we thought we could handle. But we handled it.
This year pushed us to what we thought was our limit. But we conquered it.
This year tested our endurance. But we mastered it.
This year blessed us beyond what we expected. But now we dream bigger.
PDI is a team like no other. Our values, along with our team and family spirit, arms us to take on our client’s challenges and our own in an exceptional way. We love what we do, we love our clients, we love this business.
2018, we are inspired, we are ready.

Happy New Mindset!

Elizabeth Truesdell


Happy New Year! Cheers to an awe-inspiring 2018!

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