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Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it real fun!

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Our core values are the foundation of our culture, they are what we stand for. Together as a group, we’ve established 7 core values that best define who we are and how we will continue to strive to treat each other and our clients. Today, we work hard to uphold them in our daily interactions and operations. They are the heart of the decisions we make as well as the compass guiding us in bringing the right people on-board for these values to continue to flourish.

Last quarter, we shared our core value on ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’ and what it means to the members of the PDI team. This month, we will be highlighting ‘Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it real fun!’

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

Our team loves what we do and we are certainly proud of what we do. We have fun along the way, taking breathers to enjoy time with each other, and (trying our best) to not sweat the small stuff.

Lauren Arrieta, Accounting Assistant, strongly values a positive, fun work environment. Since she spends most of her work hours in front of a screen, she is determined to keep it fun by maintaining a positive mindset every day. “Our office environment is one that is like a family. We don’t come into work just to show up and sit in our corners. We come into an environment every day where we feed off of each other’s energy,” she says. “What we do isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t make sense for us to be serious all of the time.”

Celebrations of life moments, from birthdays to graduations to babies, happen frequently with us. It’s rare for a month to go by without a joyous occasion to highlight. “PDI is very successful at keeping it light and fun with the organization of events and birthdays,” Whitney Stone, Tech Manager, comments. Whitney keeps it fun in her tech department by playing music, initiating coffee breaks to chill and chit-chat, and sending Wednesday hump day emails on fun articles/quizzes from Buzzfeed.

This past May, we had our first Employee of the Quarter event of the year. We left the work behind at the office and carpooled to Santa Monica to partake in a team building scavenger hunt! As you can see, we know how to keep it real fun!

Stay tuned for our next Core Value highlight!

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