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How to Select Art for Your Home

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Have you ever walked through a model home and wondered, how do they select the artwork?

In the homes we style, there is purpose and intention behind each art piece selected.

When selecting art, there are a couple of questions our designers ask themselves:

• Who lives in this home? What are their interests? What is their lifestyle?

• What is the architectural style of the home?

• What is the color palette and furniture style of the home?

The art is then selected with an intention to create the feel of the room. To create impact, an art piece can be the focal point of a space. Other times art pieces are selected to add texture, complement the space, and complete a room, almost like jewelry.

Kathleen C., V.P. of Design, selects “art based on the design of the home.” She states that if a home has an organic style, she leans towards botanical, abstract, or landscape style artwork. If a house is modern, she selects more abstract or contemporary art. “Overall, I make sure I have a mix of art so that it doesn’t feel the same throughout. It has to all work together and be interesting.” Kathleen personally likes art that is moody and has some edge to it.

Senior Designer, Edith G. comments, “Art is all about telling the full story of a space. For me, art is all about feeling. I tend to lean towards more dramatic and moody art pieces in creating a more impactful story. Bold colors, dramatic brush strokes, high contrast, interesting and unique photography are the characteristics I look for when I select art. I like to mix it up and keep my art selections eclectic.” Edith often looks for original art. Original art “adds personality” to the room.

Jill M., Director of Residential Design, begins her thought process by selecting art that is “ascertaining to the clients’ art style preference.” Then, she determines the focal wall of the home and selects artwork that best enhances the particular space. She asks herself, “is the art going on a painted, wallpapered, textured or finished wall?” The art piece “should complement but not compete.” After, she considers “scale and balance. For instance, it is important to pepper mirrors.” Tasteful 3D art or a gallery of framed art paired with abstracts creates balance and interest. She “especially loves to use mirrors and not just for function. Mirrors look great in groupings as they reflect light and beautiful views as well as can help widen a narrow or lighten up a dark room.” And last but not least, “the frame and mat should also complement not only the art but the other finishes in the room. A busy piece of art or a busy wallpaper is balanced by a large mat, which provides structure and relief so the eye can rest. Also, dimensional, floating frames always look great and sophisticated!”

Selecting artwork for your own home can be an overwhelming task, here are some helpful questions our designers have provided to help make it less daunting:

• What is the overall theme of your home?

• What kinds of things do you like? What kind of lifestyle do you lead?

• What is the color palette within your home?

Overall, the art you choose should be a reflection of who you are!

Photos for Inspiration:

Equus | White Horse | Camelot Homes | Scottsdale, AZ
Plan 1B | Pacific Landing | D.R. Horton | El Segundo, CA
Plan 2 | Blackstone | Pardee Homes | Las Vegas, NV
Jasmine, Ovation at Flora Park | William Lyon Homes | Cypress, CA
Plan 4 | The Westerly | Landsea Homes | Simi Valley, CA
Plan 4B | Linea at Inspirada | Pardee Homes | Henderson, NV
Sola at Skyline Ranch | Pardee Homes | Santa Clarita, CA
Haven at Wallis Ranch | Meritage Homes | Dublin, CA

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