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Color is a powerful aid in evoking feelings, emotions, and moods. It is essential in the thought process for bringing to life the interiors we design. A difference in the shade can drastically enhance an experience from subtle to dramatic.

When a color of the year is chosen by companies like Pantone, Sherwin Williams, and Behr, it is based on trends happening in fashion, entertainment, socio-economic conditions, art, and lifestyles. These colors will be influential in that year, from graphics to products of various industries.

As a company, we selected our own color of the year for 2019. This past November, we had an internal company poll with 3 colors for everyone to vote. We revealed our Color of the Year during our Grateful Potluck on November 26th!

It is a color that will make its appearance in various interiors we merchandise and design. We’re ecstatic to share that PDI’s 2019 Color of the Year is COPPER!


A warm earthy tone, copper is meant to stand out. It provides a fresh aesthetic that is unquestionably modern.

Roseli K., Design Manager, plays with the copper colors in the light fixtures. It can be “accented, like jewelry,” in an interior, says Evelyn C., Senior Designer. Polished copper gives a glamorous and elegant look, while matte and aged copper create a rustic and vintage aesthetic.

It “adds a little sparkle to an interior,” Nancy D., Designer, says. It is a color that is used methodically and thoughtfully. Edith G., Senior Designer, sprinkles the color throughout to add a special touch. It is the “perfect accent to soften bold contrasts,” Edith comments. Copper shines best when paired with a neutral color palette but also pairs well with earthy greens and dark blues.

We have several upcoming projects in 2019 that will feature copper! Stay in the loop by following us on Instagram at @pacificdimensions and @pdi.residential!

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