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Cheers to a Fantastic 2018!

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Happy 2019! We hope you had a great start to the new year!

2018 was a busy year for us, with lots to highlight and recap.

This past year, we said Goodbye to 201 Continental Blvd and said Hello! to 2333 Utah Avenue. The finishing touches are still in the works at our new studio, but for now, we’re settling in quite nicely. We completely gutted and re-designed the space to fit our creative spirit and inclusive culture. Check out these before and afters!

Here is a BEFORE photo:


Look at us grow!

New PDI Members:

Michelle Cegarra, Project Manager
Whitney S. James, Tech Manager
Leah Ramos, Design Assistant
Sarah Hanaoka, CAD Designer
Karen Fernandes, CAD Designer
Jill Tilton, Business Development and Account Manager
Tina Orozco, Project Manager
Christina Hausfeld, CAD Designer


Jill Mitchell, Director of Residential Design
Christina Hoffman, Project Manager of Residential Design
Sarah Hanaoka, Design Assistant
Jill Bettencourt, Purchasing Manager
Daniel Canet, Accounting Assistant
Rocio Huesca, Senior CAD Designer

Employee of the Quarter Recognitions

Each quarter, we celebrate a team member who has demonstrated our Core Values. Our 7 Core Values are what we as a team stand for and the bar for how we treat each other.

This past year, we recognized Michelle Cegarra, Nancy Duong, Roseli Kim, and Samantha Saltzman for their dedication, positive team spirit, and teamwork!

…And Even More Recognition!

Everyone knows that employee recognition increases morale. But did you know it also improves the customer experience?
Happy Employees = Happy Clients

We wanted another way for employees to receive recognition, but directly from each other. Inspired by Zappos Zollars, we launched RAD Rewards! Each employee is given RAD pins, designed specifically for their department. Allowing employees to reward one another while providing an incentive to be their best. They never know who will be watching and ready to pin them!

To even further encourage the recognition, during our year-end event, we tallied ALL of the pins given out. With the most pins from the most departments, our RADDEST Team Member in 2018 is Project Manager, Michelle Cegarra!
Michelle gets the RADDEST reward of them all! She gets to race a Ferrari!

The PDI Heart of Honor

This special honor recognizes someone that rose above adversity despite the challenges faced. We are proud to have recognized Jill Bettencourt and Evelyn Calderon.

5 Year Anniversaries

Congratulations to Cindy Canek, Jill Mitchell, Evelyn Calderon, and Miori Nakamura to your first 5 years with PDI! We traditionally honor this anniversary with a fabulous Tiffany bracelet.

20 Year Anniversary

Elizabeth Truesdell, President, was celebrated during our End of the Year Celebration for her 20th year with PDI!

“Many leaders are competent, but few qualify as remarkable. The 9 traits of a great leader are awareness, decisiveness, empathy, accountability, confidence, optimism, honesty, focus, and inspiration. Putting it all together, what emerges is a picture of a truly inspiring leader: one who communicates clearly, concisely, and often, and by doing so motivates everyone to give their best all the time. So what is the definition of a leader? When you look in the dictionary, don’t be surprised if you see Elizabeth Truesdell’s name as the definition… of an EXTRAORDINARY LEADER! Happy 20th Liz!” – Jennifer Hooper, Founder and CEO

May this year be one of learning, growth and extraordinary opportunities!

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