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How To Create More Storage Space in a Child's Room

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Arts and crafts, stuffed animals, mini race car tracks, and doll houses should never limit you from having a clean room. Yes, it is indeed possible to have kids and a clean house. With the right use of space and storage, you and your kids will be able to create fun, lasting memories, while staying in an organized space. Here are 5 different hacks to create storage space in your child’s room. 

#1. Cubbies are your best friend 

Cubbies are great for sorting and separating toys, books, and other miscellaneous items. By using baskets or small bins, cubbies will look clean and create organization. Adding labels will help kids stay organized. Cubbies can come in all sizes and can accommodate all different spaces, which is perfect for a child’s room. 

#2. Bunk Beds!

If your child’s room has minimal space, bunk beds are the perfect method to optimize the room. A few ways to use the space are to: create a working area with a child’s desk, create a play space underneath by adding a small area rug and floating shelves, or create a little nook with seating and bookshelves. The opportunities are endless. Children will love this!

#3. Affordable Shelves

On a budget? A great way to add storage at an affordable cost is to place some floating shelves in a room. Shelves can add character to your child’s room by being colorful or having a fun design. Use them to store books, pictures, board games, etc. Tip: A fun way to do this at home is to use crates as shelves. Paint shelves or crates with your kids as a fun activity, wait for them to dry, and then mount them to the wall. They have the capacity to hold many of your child’s items. 

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#4. Multipurpose Items

The best way to be organized is to use multi-functional items. A nursery dresser is the perfect multifunctional item. You can place this on one side of the crib, and on the other side use a dresser to act as a night stand. This is the perfect way to hide toys books, while also providing storage area on top. 

Sola at Skyline Ranch| Pardee Homes

#5. Underbed Storage

Twin beds with built in storage space underneath are a great investment. They offer clean and organized storage space that is easy to get to. Already have a bed with no built in storage? No worries! Grab a few plastic bins and use them to hold items under the bed. This is a simple and easy way to access items quickly, while also hiding them. Bins are perfect for legos, dolls, magnetic toys, or anything that needs to be thrown around and easily picked up. Tip: Use a bed skirt for your child’s bed to hide the bins.

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These 5 hacks will help you and your kids create a clean and safe space, where childhood memories will be formed. 

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