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Designing the Perfect Master Suite

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Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect master suite? If you love your master as much as we do, then keep reading. The master bedroom is where you start and finish your days. Although we all have our personal tastes and preferences, here is a guide on how to create the perfect master suite.

Step 1: Map it Out

Knowing your Budget is Key: One of the most important factors to remodeling is the budget. Of course, this will increase or decrease depending on what you desire most in your bedroom. A budget will help you plan, prioritize, and keep you focused. 

Prioritize: When you envision your dream master bedroom, think about your wants vs. your needs. Make a list of key features you are willing to put your money towards, and make a list of optional features. This will help you stay within your budget and stay on track. Think about flooring, finishes, closet space, and other bedroom features that can affect your budget, and begin to prioritize which are most important. 

Sola at Skyline Ranch|Pardee Homes

Step 2: Analyze Your Features and do Research

Closet space vs. Furniture: Hidden storage is a key component to a well-kept master suite. Renovating a closet space by adding storage can help keep a room clutter free. Depending on how you want your future oasis to look and feel, take the time to consider furniture options that maximize storage space and fit within your budget. Furniture can range in color, material, and texture. Investing in furniture you absolutely love makes all the difference in creating the tone for the space.

Jasmine|William Lyon Homes

Step 3: Envision the Ambiance

Lighting:Do you want your room to feel cozy, fresh, light, warm? To achieve any of these effects, lighting is your best friend. A change in light fixtures can create an impactful, decorative upgrade to a room. Consider task, ambient, and accent lighting as alternative options. 

Walls: Don’t ignore your walls, as they are another great way to add character and personality to a master suite. You can choose between paints, paneling and wallpapers. Accent paints are a great way to incorporate color into your room, while paneling and wallpapers add texture to the space. Don’t forget to add classic details like crown, shiplap, and wainscoting to your master suite.

Pacific Landing|D.R. Horton

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Layers layers Layers: Decorating your master with bedding, drapery, and accent pieces is the best way to tie in your color scheme and have fun! When choosing between pillows for your bed, think about patterns, texture, and contrast. Pillows are a great way to add dimension and comfort to a bed. Drapery is a great way to balance the color of your room and add softness. Use mirrors to brighten up the space and select art that makes your walls come alive. The options are endless!

Sola at Skyline Ranch|Pardee Homes

Ready for a Master Suite Remodel but don’t know where to start? Contact our Director of Residential, Jill Mitchell at jmitchell@pacificdimensions for details of achieving the complete look.

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