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How to Help Your Home Become More Energy Efficient

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Energy efficient homes are becoming more and more popular. We constantly learn more about energy efficiency, and now there are a variety of products on the market which promote an environmentally friendly home. Energy efficient does not mean expensive. Believe it or not, energy efficient homes help homeowners save spending costs while also helping to promote a better environment. Specifically, during winters and summers when weather is harsher, these energy efficient tips can lower heating, cooling, and other additional costs that your home will demand.  

Solar Panels 

Solar panels derive clean, pure energy from the sun to create energy for a home. By installing solar panels, you can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Start with a few, and as the years go by, consider adding more to reduce electricity costs. Depending on your geographical location, solar panels can save you thousands of dollars. 

Light it Up!

Energy efficient light bulbs are a great affordable way to eliminate energy consumption. The average household spends 5% of energy costs on lighting. Switching out old light bulbs with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) or CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) is an easy and fast way to lower energy spending. Energy efficient light bulbs also last 15-25 times longer than the traditional light bulb. 


Adding insulation to a home can seal heat during winter months and keep a home cool in summer months. This will help limit heating and cooling bills. Insulation can also prevent leaks in a home which would incur additional costs.


Charging devices such as a cell phone or laptop charger that are plugged in but are not being used still take up energy. Unplugging unused chargers is the easiest and most affordable way to reduce your energy bill.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances range from refrigerators, air conditioners, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, lighters, and water heaters. By installing Energy Star appliances, not only is energy consumption in your house decreasing, but you also will see an increase in your money savings. Depending on the appliance, you can save up to 30-80% of energy bill costs. These appliances help to better the environment because they minimize the use of gas, oil, coal and water. Consider investing in these appliances to minimize your energy bill while also helping the environment. 

Not ready to take it on all at once? Start small and make a few of the recommended changes. You’ll be surprised how quickly the savings add up. Wherever you are in the process, we’re happy to work with you to incorporate an energy efficient design into your next home renovation
or remodeling project.

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